Nova Casanova incorporated in the year 2005 a system of quality management based on the international standard UNE EN ISO 9001. Today, as a result of developing and adapting this standard, our Quality System has matured and developed notably. We base our efforts on the following aspects:

Customer Satisfaction

One of the main objectives of our Quality System is to evaluate the level of customer satisfaction to improve service. Therefore, Nova Casanova firmly maintains its commitment to always adapt to our customers requirements.

Continuous Improvement

Because of our Quality System tools, such as audits, incident management, evaluation of customer satisfaction etc., we have the necessary resources to constantly make our quality system more effective.

Encouraging Participation

Nova Casanova considers that to maintain at an optimal level the development of our Quality System, a high degree of participation by all members of our staff, the promotion of training, and raising staff awareness and motivation are essential.

What is REACH?

REACH (Regulation No 1907/2006 of the European Parliament and Council) is the European regulation concerning registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemicals (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals). It was approved on December 18, 2006 and came into force on June 1, 2007.

This regulation represents a total reform of the legislative framework concerning substances and prepared chemicals in the European Union. Its main objective is to ensure a high level of protection of human health and the environment. To do this, it introduces the obligation to make a record of all the chemicals that are marketed within European Union territory. Since it came into force, any substance that is not registered cannot be marketed.

REACH places the responsibility on the industry to manage the risks associated with chemicals. It is based on the principle that it is for manufacturers, importers and intermediate users to ensure that they only manufacture, market or use such substances that do not adversely affect human health or the environment.

This regulation will increase the existing information on chemicals and their associated risks and communicate this to users and consumers.

Objectives of REACH

Among the most important objectives of this policy is to ensure the safe use of chemicals and provide large amount of information. Therefore, as it is being implementing we will see substantial changes in the evaluation and management of chemical substance risks both for workers and consumers and the environment.

El REACH also aims:

  • Develop more effective mechanisms and procedures, which places a greater responsibility of the industry to provide information on the dangers and risk reduction measures relating to the substances and chemicals used.
  • Promote effective communication throughout the industrial supply chain on the safe use of substances, including information on chemical risks and how they can be managed, in order to reduce risks to workers, consumers and the environment.
  • Maintain and strengthen competitiveness and innovation in the chemical industry in the European Union, promoting the free circulation of substances within the internal market.
  • Develop new assessment methodologies, promoting the use of alternative methods, and transparency in the dissemination of results.
  • To achieve all these goals a series of obligations on manufacturers and importers, as well as industrial and professional users of chemicals are established.
  • To read the full text of the rules, click here.